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You can learn more about Custom Built Brush products by browsing through the product web pages of our website or by contacting our customer service team.

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For information about how to obtain specific quality certificates for our products, please contact our customer service team.

Looking for a quote?


Please email or fax with attention to 'Cindy' on inquires for quotes. Please provide as much information as possible so that she may quote you!


Some information she will need:


Quantity, dimensions (Height, Width, diameter), cut sizes (if any), color, Straight cut or Wavy Cut, Foam or Cloth, If the item you are requesting is a complete set (Cloth & Core) or just Cloth (or Core). Please also include a phone number should she have further questions, as well as the car wash location and name.


Please allow 24-48 hours for a quote. Thank you!




Fax: 269-463-7442



7390 Dan Smith Road

Watervliet, MI 49098

Phone: 269-463-3171

Fax: 616-463-7442


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