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Wave Goodbye to Dirt® with WAVY CUT® Cloth

WAVY CUT® and Straight Cut Cloth

(With vinyl insert)

The patented WAVY-CUT® cloth has proven to clean vehicles much better and faster. This is because as the cloth moves across the vehicles surface there is an up and down scrubbing action. It is recommended for the dirtiest part of the vehicle. The WAVY-CUT® cloth fits on your equipment. No new equipment to buy. No new cores to buy. Easy to install and runs quieter.

This patented equipment is now used by 6 original equipment manufactures and hundreds of car washes in over 42 States and 2 Provinces in Canada.

Here are some testimonials we have received from Car Wash operators using the 

Wavy-Cut® Cloth:

"The Wavy-Cut® creates and up and down oscillation and amplifies the cleaning action which is now much better and much faster. That's the reason that we are using it in our units."

    Willy Vidakovich. AVW Equipment Co., Inc, Maywood, Illinois


"It was apparent right from the start that the Wavy-Cut® cloth was washing cleaner and faster without any negative effects. I'm going to request Wavy-Cut® cloth on all my rockers and wrap-around brushes."

    Tom Essenberg. Quality Car Washes, Holland, Michigan


"Since we have had nothing but positive feed-back on this cloth design, we plan to use it on all our units that clean the rocker-panel areas and the tops of vehicles. It's a tremendous selling point that's readily accepted by our customers. The Wavy-Cut® cloth allows us to slow our brush speeds around critical areas yet maintain the necessary cleaning action to generate a great wash."

    Bob Zelenko. Value Wash, Inc. Kenner, Louisiana.


"Wavy-Cut® cloth cleans door trim bar moldings, rocker panel deep groove accent moldings, and rocker panel door sills much better than conventional straight cut cloth."

    Jim Schamming. Mr. Magic Car Wash, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


"I am very pleased with the cleaning action we are getting now that we switched to Wavy-Cut® cloth."

    Michael George. Autowash Services, Jackson, Michigan.


"I really like the better cleaning action that we get with Wavy-Cut® cloth. It's what I'll be using from now on."

    Mike Vanderstelt. Van's Car Wash, Muskegon, Michigan.


"Cleaning action is amplified by the Wavy-Cut® design. I believe they are even quieter. The Wavy-Cut® pattern in our curtains look very professional and help our image."

    Kimberly Johnson. Eastern Carwash, Baltimore, Maryland.


"We are washing cars cleaner and faster, thanks to Wavy-Cut® cloth"

    John Morris. Custom Car Wash Inc, Overland Park, Kansas.


"Wavy-Cut® curtains give the same results as side brushes and rockers that have Wavy-Cut® cloth on them. They clean much better than straight-cut cloth."

    Velimir Vidakovich. AVW Equipment Co., Inc. Maywood, Illinois.


"We have noticed a real improvement in the quality of our washers, especially in the rocker areas, since we began switching to Wavy-Cut® cloth."

    Nick Yaksich. Super Brite Auto Wash, Auburn Hills, Michigan.


"The Wavy-Cut® design makes common sense. It is working well in the rocker panel and wrap positions."

    Jeff B. McAll. Great Northern Auto Wash, Inc. Escanaba, Michigan.


"Wow! Lateral action from a linear mitter. This Wavy-Cut® mitter cloth is incredible."

    Anthony Oneto. Water Works Car Wash, Elkridge, Michigan.


"The Wavy-Cut® curtains create more 'agitation' on the vehicles and, therefore, clean much better. With the Wavy-Cut® pattern, they are not just cloth mitters, but truly 'friction' cloth mitters."

    Tommy Cox. Minit Car Wash, Griffin, Georgia.


"Great Product!"

    Paul Christian. Dr. Huggs Car Wash, N. Tonawanda, New York.

The next time you order curtains, please consider us for WAVY-CUT® or straight cut design.



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